right now

right now

Oct 9, 2009

Finnegan "sans tonsils"!


Finn showing off his "power-bracelet"

Feeling groovy at 5:30 a.m.!

There goes my baby off to the O.R.

Waking up from anesthesia... not feeling so groovy now

This afternoon he's coming around and eating frozen yogurt, although the poor guy is HUNGRY!

I'm now getting relieved for a few hours and am headed out to get him the obligatory balloon and gift! Poor guy has to spend the night this time, ugh! Daddy got roped into that one, lol... I don't do hospital sleeping :)


  1. What a trooper!! My boy saw the yellow get-up and said, "I want to do that, too!!"

  2. Balloons are a great way to lift any child's mood... A friend's daughter just had her tonsils removed, and was quick to recover, so I'm sure Finn'll be up 'n at 'em in no time!

  3. Glad he's doing good.....
    Men can sleep anywhere-standing up even, I think. I'm with you-no sleeping in hospitals.

  4. I hope he feels better soon. I don't do the 'sleeping' in hospitals but somehow I have always been roped into being the one who stayed (overnight for one and 4 days for another- ugh!) I'm not a great sleeper anyway- but let me tell you after 4 days of 'sleeping' in a hospital (on the fold out chair!) I was ready to be checked into one of the wards where I work!!!
    Hang in there.

  5. He is just the cutest in his sunny yellow scrubs! Glad to hear everything went well.

    Have a good weekend. :)

  6. Well he clearly handled it well, but how about you Mom? the walking down the hall pictured grabbed me a bit....

    I would drug myself to sleep in the hospital, I am such a nrevous-nelly I don't think I could leave my child. I have a hard time leaving them for one night in my house with the Grandparents. See why I am in therapy? :)

    Speedy recovery wishes for Finn!

  7. Hoping Finn and Daddy are both home by now today and the little guy is able to get enough food in so he's not feeling hungry anymore. But definitely a good sign, I'd say, after the surgery.

    What a cutie he is!

  8. Hope the poor little guy is feeling better now...Mom, too...