right now

right now

Jun 2, 2009

Men, Fish and Beer...

We were able to bottle the homebrew on Friday evening!  The kids find this whole project fascinating, and I realized that my boys are going to show up freshman year at college already knowing how to brew their own micro's....ooops!  I must admit it is alot of fun and actually is quite fascinating!  Now the freshly capped bottles have to age for about 4-6 weeks, which means I will get the first taste since Charlie will be out on the ship again next week for awhile!
The Chief Bottle Washer

Capping the bottles

This weekend we sort of played hooky from the garden duties.  I was looking at the calendar last week and noticed that even though Sailor/Husband/Father/Farmer doesn't go on deployment until this fall, he only has a total of 6 weeks home with us this summer since they are gone on "workups" (training) so often.  So, I figured the chores like building fence gates will still be there next week and we needed to just make a priority out of spending some time together doing things the kids enjoy.  We decided to take the kids fishing out in Back Bay and ended up eating at one of our favorite restaurants out there, the Blue Pete.  Next weekend I think we will go back out and take the canoe this time a little earlier in the day so the kids can have some better luck with the fish.
Fishing with Dad

Feeding the fish at Blue Pete's

Strawberry Shortcake with local berries, yum!

Other notable weekend happenings around the homestead:  

Pumpkin sprouting...this was neat since the seed case was still attached and the kids can better visualize what's happening!

One of our juvenile doves waiting patiently for mom to come back and feed her!

I am really hoping to get plenty of chores done during the weekdays this week so we can have a little fun again this weekend!  Now I am off to order more beans - this was the first time I planted them outside the raised beds and critters helped themselves to about half of the sprouts!


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and love it! Looking forward to following along with your family's garden (and life) journey. We are in MA and are trying to do some first year gardening, very hard with little ones around....good luck with your new beans.

  2. Hi Kelly, glad you found me! I am envious...we intend to head towards the northeast or midwest when hubby is done with the military...I can't stand the heat down here :) It is tough with little ones, I started gardening when mine were 3 & 1....it does get better as they age. They are now 6 & 4 and I actually am growing enough to preserve now!

  3. Thats funny, I have lived in both New England and Wisconsin. People in the midwest are great, I can see why you would want to go back. Sounds like you have come a long way with your gardening, the transformation in the pictures is huge! Love all the dogs too- we have 3 ourselves, LOL. I am currently fighting the bugs in my small garden, ugh!

  4. mmmm strawberry shortcake! Perhaps that will be on our dinner menu tonight.

    and seamus. I know. I didn't believe him either (althought I dont particularly like it the other way either!) but he did indeed find it in print to support his prounounciation. What a name to slap on a kid and send them thru life huh? He tried the whole good irish name angle on me, I told him I'd rather name him guiness.

  5. that's too funny! Guinness is PERFECT :)