right now

right now

Jun 25, 2009

Lazy Day in Pictures

My garden is in limbo right now...everything is growing, but not yet ripe for picking! I figured today would be a good day just to show pics of what's happening in the garden. The clouds finally cleared and got some decent (not great, as I am not a great photographer!) pics of the plants. It's hot here and humidity supposed to climb way up this weekend, so I am planning on some indoor activities, and possibly being able to put up some jalapenos from the garden by this weekend. I'm not much for heat and humidity, so I won't be out there any more than necessary! Enjoy...

Pinot Noir Bell Peppers

Purple Rain Eggplant
Tomato Beds with Eggplant in foreground
"Aerial Shot" of garden...from atop the kids' fort! Some of the beds were just reseeded with squash and edamame where the peas were ripped out.
The sometimes boring but always pretty marigolds.
Out of control Mammoth Dill in the Jalapeno bed
Purple Vitex that I am training into a tree...
(the resident boss mockingbird is watching me as I take this one, I know what he's thinking...)
The Butterfly/Bird Garden...although the first flush of blooms has disappeared, waiting for next group of plants to bloom
Miscellaneous free lily that came in a veggie shipment!
Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom now
Another shot of Crepe Myrtle tree
Five-Leaf Akebia vine...all the mockingbirds live here!
My new Fig Tree! Due to my uncertainty of how long we will be at this house, all fruit trees are now in containers so they can migrate with us.
We have tons of butterflies with the new butterfly garden, hopefully I can get a better shot soon

And no garden post is complete without a shot of one of the Garden Dogs...here is one of my Aussies after "herding the hose"! This involves her chewing the nozzle open and then attacking the spray...yes, we are on our 3rd nozzle due to this game of hers. I guess if there's no chickens or sheep, water is the next best thing for a bored herding dog!


  1. beautiful garden! Really its breath taking. We thought about planting up here but honestly we have so much "wildlife" I got overwhelmed. And the whole third trimester cant bend over thing. : )

    ps. great giveaway over at my page, its green products, right up your alley : )

  2. Your gardens are really lovely! So neat, colorful and productive. I love the butterfly garden, and those peppers are to die for!

  3. Fabulous! I wonder if I could grow a fig tree in a pot and just bring it in the house in the winter? Hmmmmm

  4. Hmmm, I don't know about the "neatness", lol! I just go for "the cottage look" so I can get away with it! I haven't tasted the peppers yet, I will update you on that. To be honest, I grew quite a few things based on unique looks alone, since I am planning on selling a few things at market this year! From what I understand, the Fig can be brought indoors for the winter - I am right on the cusp of that here, it's listed as "hardy" but since it's in a container, I may have to bring it in if we have a bad winter.

  5. WOW! Erin your gardens are gorgeous!

  6. Yup, the figs can be brough tindoors for winter or even wintered over in a garage (at least in my zone which is 6).

    Erin, your garden is fantastic! I love the certified habitat, I looked into doing that once and never followed through. Cool thing to do with the kids though.

    Your veggies are looking very yummy, those peppers are a such a beautiful color I can see why would pick them by sight. So happy the gardsen tour finally made it on your blog!

  7. Your fig has a really nice shape, have you started pruning it?

  8. no pruning yet...came that way from the nursery!