right now

right now

Mar 2, 2017

Struggling With Multi-Tasking!

I've been just swamped with life lately.  I've been finding it very difficult to get everything done that needs doing!  

Update on my knee surgery - it went well, all the hardware and metal has been removed and I'm on the road to recovery again.  The good part is that this surgery happened in the winter, so I'm not missing out on any nice weather!

Why does it seem like everyone has down time except me?!  I'm not even sure these are my kids, since the internet wasn't even down when I took this photo...

My schedule has been a constant stream of doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments, trying to get taxes done, kids' birthdays, hubby's crazy work schedule and a nonstop stream of kids' activities.  L is on the robotics team again this year, so they have had regional championships, then he made it to state championships last weekend.  I think that is as far as his team will go this year.  (Last year Loch's team, with hubby as coach, made it to the World Robotics Championship in KY!)  

L with his team's robotics design

F was selected to attend a Percussion "Master Class" for middle and high school percussionists, so that ate up 2 Saturdays, and now he has been selected for Honors/Festival Band, which entails frequent after school practices and a few competitions with other schools.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm super proud of them both but - yikes, sailing practice hasn't even started yet for spring!  I'm just exhausted to be honest.

I have medical appointments that require driving in DC traffic, yuk!

And... amidst all the chaos, it's already time for the military to tell us where to move next!  

Thanks for hanging in there with me, I have a lot of kinks to work out so apologies for being so sporadic with my posting!  I will leave you with this photo taken during the unseasonably warm weather we have been having... back to snow showers tomorrow!



  1. I really don't know how you find time to sleep, let alone post. I'm so amazed at how much the boys have grown in the (relatively) short time you were off blogland. Glad to hear you're healing nicely - joint surgery is always tricky. I will now quit complaining about having to drive into/out of Albany. How long until retirement??? :)

    1. I wish it was joint surgery, my surgeon said that would have been 3x easier! My patella/bones in my knee were smashed into more than 18 pieces, not fun!