right now

right now

May 1, 2015

That's the PLAN, anyway…

First, a refresher of what the plot looks like:

The big reveal of "the Plan"…

…and the expected outcome

My new garden adventure might just end here.

No, I'm too stubborn, I will adapt and overcome and outwit.

My underground plot dweller says:


This week just brought more work and prepping in the garden.  Many of you know that I have always grown all my seedlings under lights and heat mats and all that good stuff, but I actually had to buy my tomatoes and peppers this year, the horror!  I wasn't sure if we would get a plot back in late winter so I wasn't about to go crazy messing up the house with all that stuff, but next year I surely will :)

For those that have never seen mail order seedlings, here you go.  I ordered a few heirloom peppers and tomatoes from Burpee, they arrived in beautiful condition and are hardening off in the backyard right now.  The rest of my tomatoes and peppers were purchased locally from a small business.

Hubby has been working hard to build whatever my heart desires, as long as its bamboo and he gets to use his new machete and his Japanese saw.

My new bamboo gate… it even has rope hinges!

This is the bamboo thicket that is next to the community garden, as much as we want and it's free.

He has really streamlined the process of hauling it out.

Just one of the interesting things found in the garden… a sign of the trouble we are going to have this summer!

Meanwhile, indoors at the military homestead, I am starting a new "starter".  My last sourdough starter that I had for several years did not PCS with us.  PCS is a common military acronym that stands for Permanent Change of Station, aka moving.  As in, "the last PCS all my stuff got broken"… that's the most common usage you will hear, followed by "PCS'ing soon, they won't tell us where…"  LOL

So anyway, having to make a new starter capturing all new Maryland wild yeast.  Interested to see what the new yeast strain bread will taste like, maybe crab?  Or high taxes?

Starter Day 1

Day 2

Day 4 and the first feeding.  Things are moving a little slow due to our lower temperatures this week, but we definitely have action.  It will be chilling under a tea towel this week and be fed daily.

I will leave you with a photo I took yesterday of one of our local U.S. Post Offices.  It's open like 2 hours a day, and check out the chickens behind it.  I love this place!

Postal Chickens, nice.


  1. I want bamboo! This is going to be so much fun. For us.... :)

    1. haha! With my luck I will just attract pandas!

  2. I'm excited to see you blast the enemies in your plot. I get so mad when my hard work gets destroyed overnight by varmits. Don't ya love small town USA? Our local post office closes for 2 hr lunches. Cracks me up I always forget but laugh when I see the sign.

    1. I DO love small towns! I lie awake at night thinking of how I am going to thwart the marauders… might sound insane to some but I know my fellow bloggers get it :)

  3. Damn those underground rebels. I have them too. It's never ending!

    Bamboo sounds so useful, but looks like it can get out of hand. More ideas!!! LOL!

    Looks like a fine garden shaping up! Have a good week!

  4. Oh, how I have missed your posts! They are always so interesting, funny, idea-filled and full of life! Tell Charlie to start researching small varmint traps made of bamboo. I really don't think you'll have any trouble with deer jumping into your area once all the trellises, posts and other structures are in place. It will be a lush, green showcase as your gardens always are.

    I have always wondered how started seedlings could be shipped . . . looks like yours made it fine.

    Your garden plan looks like an architectural drawing. No peas??

  5. Mama Pea, sadly - no peas! It's too late for them here, we will be in the 80's on Sunday! No carrots, either, I'm sick of messing with them and getting little in return. One of our "rules" says no trapping….. but I also heard that "we are on our own" after they plow and nobody ever comes down to the gardens to see what we are up to, hahahaha!