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right now

Apr 6, 2013

The last cold day...

I hope!  That is what is being promised...

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I can't believe it, but this was just down the street from me, one year ago today.  

above and below photos from WVEC-tv

No fatalities, no serious injuries - it was a Good Friday miracle for sure!

With my hopes high of being outside working in the spring warmth tomorrow, today was my day to finish up some odds and ends.  I finally got my canning closet fairly squared away.  During the winter I seem to just shove empty jars in there willy nilly as they are used, not paying attention until it gets a little precarious when the door is opened!

I actually managed to toss out enough weird random stuff that was in there to empty out a shelf for my non-canning food storage stuff:  Food Saver, jar sealer, rolls of mylar and mylar bags, O2 absorbers - stuff like that.  Before I was digging behind jars for stuff all over the place!

I actually had the motivation to sew as well this afternoon since hubs and the boys were in the backyard (in the cold!).  Here is my new layout of my crafty bedroom.  Some of you may know that my bedroom also serves as an office and craft area so I have to be pretty creative.  This tall stainless cart solves all my fabric and scrapbooking needs (and is also why my seedlings have been demoted to floor status this year!).  I still have the "craft hallway" just on the other side of that door for all my knitting and sewing paraphernalia if you recall that.

See the white table in the upper photo?  It has two leaves that fold down so it tucks nicely when not in use so the interior door can be left open.  When it's time to sew a small project now, I can flip it up without wheeling it into another room as you can see below.  For big projects like quilting or pattern stuff I can wheel it into the other room and open up both leaves.  I wonder sometimes how the hubs feels about sleeping under a tower of fabric.  Me?  I'm totally cool with it - if you are a fabric junkie you'd sleep tight too!  Today's project was simple though... create Bermuda shorts from Finn's old high-water pants...all 6 pairs of them!

He is still young enough to think it's cool that mom can do that!


How's that for some mileage out of pants?  First they were Loch's, then Finn's, now they are Finn's shorts - ha!  Thank goodness for those side tabs kids pants have now since he outgrows the length way before the waist.  Now that I'm thinking of it, some of those pants were thrifted, so that's even more mileage!  They were all khaki-style ones kids would wear to church and nice places so I think that's why they stayed in such good shape.

I do have a mental list of at least 3 bed quilts and a few mini-quilts I really want to make, but this coming week I will just have to dream, since my presence is required in the garden!

Until then, I will use my library card to dream in the evenings!


  1. It's amazing the way you find room for everything you do in your tiny house. You should write a book!

    Finn really does wear that hat all the time, doesn't he? He looks like he's getting so tall. (Maybe it's the hat.)

    Marley and Sprocket look like they really, really wanted you to take their picture, too.

    At least you CAN get out into the garden. We ended up with 6" of snow today. Wonder how long before we'll see ground again this time?

    1. Mama Pea, it really is magic I think LOL! The key is that all my furniture is on wheels so I can kick it around when it starts to get in my way! Can't believe you got so much snow again, hopefully at least it means you will have some nice soil when it's finally time to plant.

  2. I remember that crash, it was all over the news. Then I found out that it was close to where you lived! Nothing better than hand-me-down clothes and to get two chances to wear them is even better. Your canning cupboard looks very organized. I wish I had a cupboard that size to store stuff in.
    Enjoy your books. I love downloading books from the library on my Kobo. It's what keeps me sane or at least passably sane.

    1. Sparkless, that litle closet is the only closet in the house... and it is too small for anything else so it works perfectly as a canning supply area. It's right outside the bathroom however so I don't store canned food there due to the humidity from showers, etc. Works fine though for staging the equipment nearby since it's also only about 10 steps from the kitchen area. Libraries are definitely a sanity saver :)

  3. Having a room right nearby must really help you respond to those inspiration urges. Very nice!!

    1. Stefaneener, that's one good thing about such a small house with no interior walls, everything is only a step away LOL

  4. I love how you use your space, it's homey yet...small. Any time you want a road trip you can come and organize my canning space!! Its a royal mess. Doesn't it feel good to get your fingers dirty again!?!?!?!?!

    1. Katidids, thank you! It's tiny for sure but that's what makes me stay on top of things LOL! I am loving being outside in the garden the past two days, but I'm thinking I overdid it already as my back is killing me!