right now

right now

Jun 26, 2011

Shirking responsibility

All work and no play makes mommy boring!  I had a great weekend just "being".  I was reminded of what an awesome hubby and kids I have, that's kind of sad that I have to be reminded, I need to do more of this stuff!

Friday's bike ride at our local state park...

it was in the mid-90's but the whole trail was heavily shaded, which made it quite nice.

all 3 of my boys :)

I'm so proud of Finnegan, he biked 6 miles that day!

This is the only photo of me :)


Saturday was a BBQ for one of the guys who is leaving hubby's work.  Finn got to play ladderball for the first time.

There was one of our illustrious snakes here a few moments before, but I didn't get a photo of it, darn!  Hate those things...

This particular park is only 30 minutes south of us, yet look what is hardy here!  These will not make it through the winter in my yard but apparently are fine just 30 miles away.

On the way home from the BBQ we stopped in at the little "out in the sticks" place (Southern Fried Studio & Shop) I told you about a few weeks ago who have been having all the problems with the permitting and codes division as well as vandal problems.  Just look at this - we pulled in and the place was packed! It's wonderful that social networking can have such a positive effect on our local small businesses, it gives me hope - I was afraid those sites would lead to people no longer needing or wanting face to face contact.  

The kids ate ice cream cones while hubby and I had their fantastic milkshakes on the front porch of the store.  Any business with a front porch is a big "thumbs up" in our book!

Today started out with a harvest, the 1st Brandywine tomato and 1st eggplant of the year -

Time for the annual "it's as big as my head, mom!" photo.

Then off to a birthday party for Finn's friend.  Here's an action shot of Finn :)

and another...

Finn on the left with his friends enjoying a hot dog and lemonade.

I think the lab was standard issue with the pool :)

Egads it was hot this weekend, but was made much more tolerable by having fun instead of sweating and itching in the bean and tomato vines.  Hope you all had a great weekend, now I have to get back in a "work" groove and get ready to do something productive tomorrow!

I'll leave you with a video of Swamp Bugs making their music, they were unbelievably loud Friday evening!


  1. I can hope for one of those "as big as my head tomatoes"but I'm pretty sure I won't see one this one.So glad you took some time off to be with your family,you only life once. I have great memories growing up and great memories with my children growing up.Pictures,videos and what nots are just not the same as the memories you create with your family.Was that a real flower?

  2. Judy, sure is... that's a hibiscus! Think Florida, Hawaii and Tahiti! We can grow them in a pot here in my yard for the summer only, but that's not very effective LOL. This park 30 minutes south has tons of these bushes growing and they are perennial there.

  3. I meant "cost - effective" :)

  4. What a great weekend you guys had! The bike ride and the pool party look like a lot of fun. We've had a really rainy week here, and even as I sit here, it's still raining. Hey, at least hubby got back from his week long business trip yesterday which made everybody happy. And it didn't rain long enough for us to break in the new grill. :-) It' the little things...

  5. Great job Finnegan---6 miles is VERY good!

    Brandywines. Oh, you torture me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Well I'm going to go out and cut some of my 3 inch lettuce and that will be my big harvest. LOL!

  7. Ice cream on the porch, swimming dogs, huge tomatoes. Yep that's summer.

  8. love the pics AND your Keens!

  9. Glad you had such a great weekend! :) It looks like it was a blast. Those insects are amazingly loud! WOW! We had a pretty awesome weekend too. I got my kids back home, so I'm a happy mom. :) Had a fun trip to pick them up too.

  10. All I can say is -- "Shirk on, Momma, shirk on!!" :o}

  11. What a beautiful weekend. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  12. I'd "shirk" for all those things too!