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right now

May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend, Day 1

Hubby's squadron had a picnic today at the base, so I showed up at school early to pick up the kids, who were overjoyed to get out of there early!  Headed over to the base for some food and fun...

The First Class Petty Officer's were in charge of cooking this afternoon, and that's hubby, so hot dog #1 was cooked by him :)   (and yes, that's me, and no, I didn't purposely cut my head out of the photo LOL)

Temps today in the 90's again, perfect for the water slide...

We had to drag Finn and Loch out of there after awhile to put on some sunblock, I had forgotten to put it on them for the first hour, ooops!

Loch really was here today, I just couldn't seem to keep him in my sights!  Here's daddy showing Finn the cornhole game -

There's Loch!  Finn was now the pro showing him the ropes.

Hot Dog #2

There's hubby on the right...

Hot Dog #3???

The party culminated in a "pie in the face" auction.  Several members of the First Class Association were "nominated" to be bid on for pies thrown at them.  These are basically all the supervisors, so lots of junior personnel were eager to bid, although they didn't quite get the "pool your money together" idea to raise more money... apparently last year one guy got a $300 bid but this year you could just hear 20 here, 40 there... I guess that's the economy for you, but some of them need to get wise and pool their funds together for a big bid, it's a fundraiser after all!  I told hubby to make sure he "schools" all his guys for next time LOL!  Hubby must fly under the radar well enough as he didn't get nominated for a pie, there's always next year to make enemies, haha!

So enjoy some pie in the face moments:

This one I love - not only did he get a pie thrown by his wife, he had to pay for it as she was the high bidder!

I might add that this was "Mandatory Fun".  Before the holiday weekend starts, they have a Safety Stand Down in the a.m., where they are warned about the dangers of fun, you know mixing chainsaws and liquor and the like LOL, and then made to go to a squadron picnic before they are let loose for the holiday.  "Mandatory Fun" is quite painful for the younger sailors, but for those of us old, "been there, done that" boring families who have accepted the fact that the Navy is our family actually enjoy it and noticed the families were the only ones remaining after the pie contest, all the young single sailors took off pretty quickly LOL.  There was also a reenlistment ceremony this afternoon, I never get tired of attending reenlistments, I know the oath by heart still after all these years of being out of the military and I still get teary :)

Tonight?  Mandatory Fun for the kids - we are taking them to a hoedown at the Farmer's Market.  We love it, them - not so much.  That's their penance for us letting them do the water slide all day.  Our Farmer's Market has a hoedown every Friday night in the summer, live bands and an outdoor dance floor set up, and some of the vendors stay open late for it, like the Creamery, yum!  It's free and fun, what's not to like? 

Did I mention I'm sooooo tired already?! 


  1. I think I need myself some Mandatory Fun! Wish we had a Farmer's Market.
    That sounds like a great start to your long weekend. Can't wait to hear what you do with the rest of it.

  2. What a great sounding day . . . Mandatory Fun. Love it! You military families sacrifice so much that you've got to feel a general camaraderie for each other. Really nice that you get some down time together. Thanks for sharing with us all!

  3. Wow, I think you are taking advantage of that mandatory fun. Bet you all will sleep well tonight.

  4. You guys are always soooo busy----having fun! That must be MANDATORY all the time at your place.
    Would you have thriwn a pie at dear Hubby?


  6. You all wouldn't believe how tired I was last night! Wow, it's been awhile since I was out all day in such heat!

  7. How fun, and I am lovin' that skirt you made. :)

  8. look like the kids are having a blast and i knew that new skirt was gonna come in handy in that warm weather