right now

right now

Mar 30, 2011

All kinds of random...

I didn't get much of anything done yesterday, the weather has me down and I should have been working on the quilt, but instead spent the morning at my favorite locale for work avoidance...

When I got home I made some bran muffins with apple chunks in them and told the kids they were cupcakes... it worked!

Then, trying to get inspired to get back to quilting, I flipped on the tv to see if I could find a sewing or crafting show on one of the PBS channels...

What in the world????

this is what I found, apparently I'm supposed to cook dressed in a strapless gown with a rhinestone belt... maybe this is why my bread sucks?!  I obviously don't watch enough daytime television - basic cooking 101 has changed tremendously LOL...anyone know who this chick is?  I turned it off before I found out, it was depressing me :)

Hubby actually had a few free minutes before heading off to work so I put him to work in the garden - he's planting my potatoes!  This is huge because he really doesn't plant anything - don't get me wrong, he's the go-to guy for building my raised beds, fences, trellises, etc but planting and harvesting?  Nope, just the eating part of the deal.  Seeing as how I was so busy (in shock) watching the gown girl cook, when he asked me how to do it I told him "just go fork all that straw and stuff out of the bin, loosen up the bottom, throw them in cut sides down, dig some compost out of the bottom of that bin and throw a few inches on top".  I would normally watch this operation like a hawk but I left him to his own devices, when I went out to check later in the afternoon, he had left my dinner plate out there, but it looked fantastic!

See him?

This is normally all I see of him... he's always heading off to work!  This is his preferred mode of transportation, but I admit with him coming home in the middle of the night lately it has me worried, especially when he's riding home at 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights with all the bar hoppers on the road, but he insists.

We had the sun peek through for a couple of hours, so I "walked the estate" to see what was going on out there:

My creeping plants are creeping all over the place

the trays left outside for Mother Nature to sprout aren't doing anything yet


direct seeded spinach is up and growing finally

Peas are going strong finally

I was so worried about my 8 artichoke plants outside in these 20-30ยบ nighttime temps, but they are fine.  They like to be transplanted early when it's still cool, but I had been very afraid for them the past few nights.  Last year I waited until mid-late April to plant them out and they all died.

Candytuft (snowdrift), named for it's early blooms

 Below, darn raspberries popping up into my raised beds!  Time to get out the flame thrower.

more lettuces...

Below, this one is for my mom... this is a "walking foot" (she reads the blog but not so good about checking her email!)

Again... can you believe it? This one just south of us, that's twice in 3 days...

You can read the full story about the whale here.

No more randomness today, cold and rainy again and I'm going to go quilt right..... now!  Well, maybe after I catch up on blogs, figure out what's for dinner, do some laundry, but then for sure LOL!


  1. You're such a slave driver Erin! lol. Got that man of yours out there doing garden labor.

  2. Erin -- I always cook in a strapless gown, but I wear diamonds instead of rhinestones. And don't forget the 6" stilettos!! Ha!
    I like your stealth baking. Recently I made carob cookies and told my kids it was chocolate. :)
    And the the garden is looking great! Nice to hear that hubbie got a chance to dig in too.
    I'm sure you'll have the quilt done in now time. What will take you a week to finish, would take me about a year (or two!)
    And that's so, so sad about the whales...

  3. I think it was you who also found the correct outfit to garden in as well, or maybe that was the right 'shoes'. Now I remember seeing some hooker heels on you! Maybe it works???

    I didn't think so either ;O)

    All your plants are looking so good! And I can not believe another whale. Is it also a seasonal thing somehow??

  4. Delightful post (except for the whale, so sad). Good to see your garden starting to come to life. You can call your potatoes "Hubby Spuds" 'cause he planted them. I'm going to go put on my strapless tube top dress with the rhinestone belt now and rustle us up some breakfast. 'Cept I'll probably have to put on my heavy flannel shirt over it because I didn't bank the fire well enough last night and it's barely 60 in here this morning. ;o)

  5. That TV show must have been some type of mind control because there was no way I would let my Husband plant the potatoes with out me ;) And what is going on in the Atlantic. Those poor whales.

  6. I love the randomness of your post -- I am so sad to hear about another whale, though. What is that beautiful creeping plant? How nice to see things growing...somewhere. Boohoo.

  7. You get more done "avoiding" than I could ever hope to. And ya know, I don't think I could do much cooking dressed in a get-up like that gal. Rhinestones? A gown? How about crummy jeans and a flannel shirt-official uniform of Michigan??
    Your garden is looking terrific......it keeps me going. I'm so sick of looking at the white stuff---Don and I keep sneaking out of town on over-nighters just to get away from it.
    Sorry about the whales....isn't that sad!!!!!

  8. I follow your post from NC. I have an unrelated question so if you wish you may delete this comment after you contact me. My husband & I maintain a blog on our farm development for the sole purpose of our adult children who live in AZ & NM. We are trying to upload a short 1min45sec video which we took with a flip camera & have been unsuccessful in uploading it. I turn to you because I know you are a fellow Mac user and I believe the video of your home was done on a video camera and it is 9 minutes...way longer than mine. I have googled how to do it and I still am unable to be successful. Can you offer some advise? Lisa lisabartholomew62@yahoo.com

  9. "apparently I'm supposed to cook dressed in a strapless gown with a rhinestone belt..."

    Ah, heck no. We know you're more the black mini dress with short white apron and feather duster type! And high heeled sneakers, gotta have those babies (be sure to tie the laces in double knots).

    So sad about the whales.

  10. Look at all those wonderful plants and flowers. They look so happy growing away in your gardens.
    Why drive when you can bike or walk? Good for your husband. He's not only keeping in shape by biking to work he's not polluting and saving you money on gas. My hubby is lucky and can walk to work cause we live so close to where he works.
    That cooking woman freaks me out too. She must be a stepford wife.
    Sorry to hear about all those whale washing ashore. I wonder why they are dying.

  11. My husband is the same way, he doesn't plant or sow anything. But he likes to build things for the garden. That cooking show with the chef in a strapless dress made me laugh out loud. What the heck? LOL. Is that raspberry plant not wanted? We can't even get our raspberry plant to take off. It died and I had to order 5 more plants. I'll take yours. Haha

  12. Pat & Lisa, I just sent you an email!