right now

right now

Jan 25, 2011

a "Plan B" kind of day

Plan A was to finish my first quilt before my seeds arrive and I have to start getting things in place for seedlings.  That plan was pretty much taken away from me last night and again today.

Sunday night:  quilt top was laid out and basted together to be quilted, this went well.

Monday:  started quilting, I thought everything was going okay, I got to last couple rows of vertical grid quilting when the machine started kicking and bucking and basically self destructing.  

For the next hour, I was able to limp it along by just leaving the cover off and tightening the belt and disassembling and reassembling the stop motion knob every 2 minutes before it went down in blaze of glory screaming "nicht mehr, genug!"

Today I begged hubby to look at it and the diagnosis wasn't good.  No, he isn't a sewing machine technician but he IS a mechanic by trade and this is a basic mechanical machine.  Looks as if it's more than just a new belt needed, the clutch is hosed and quite possibly a broken motor mount.  DONE.  It will be 2 weeks before I can get a new machine, some tax refund funds have been earmarked for that, so in the meantime I had to put away my first quilt sadly.  I can't believe my first project is a UFO!

With all the fun sucked out of the morning, I decided to get some things done before the little ones (seeds!) arrive.  I cleaned out my "canning closet".  It will be nice when the time comes to be able to find everything and have the boxes ready for storing since we've been using our canned stuff and as the jars get cleaned I've been just shoving them willy nilly back in there!  I was able to separate the lids too so I know which have been used for actual canning and recycle them for just freezer use this season and know exactly where the "new" lids are.  
Before:  mess!

After: it's small, but better than a mess!

some of you may have seen my poster last year, but it's right opposite the canning closet so it reminded me today of just how close seed starting time is.

I will not be starting seeds as early this year.  Last year I had to start seeds in batches since I grow them for the Master Gardener Plant Sale as well and don't have that much room.  I noticed through this process that the smaller ones started very late got planted alongside the tomatoes I had started the last week in January and not only did they catch up in growth in a week outside in the beds, they turned out to be healthier plants for me!  Live and learn... and I just bought myself a couple extra weeks of time!

I guess without a sewing machine I'll just be straightening things out all week and waiting for that tax refund, LOL!  I also have to replace all the closet doors in our rental unit and clean, our new tenant moves in soon.  Hubby is working nights now, he never gets to see the kids but I'm finding I get more done in the evening now than usual!  Thinking about putting the kids to bed and working on the blog a bit, I still haven't tallied up my harvest from last year for a total.  Luckily I don't have any "big messes" to deal with right now, but lots of little random messes - if you visit the blog and it looks all wonky tonight, that means I got motivated to tackle it!  First warm day in the garden watch out... now out there... that's a big mess!


  1. You're a lot closer to seed time than me---lucky you! I'm doing the winter sowing, of course, but the regular garden seeds----I still have 2 full months. And you want to move back to Minny-sota?
    You still are the best sorter-outer there is. I really wish you could see the mess I have going in my "hobby" cupboard. I have NO CLUE where to start. I look at what you do with your cupboards, etc and am just in awe............

  2. Sorry to hear about your sewing machine. It never fails, does it? The minute you think you have something all ready to finish, something goes wrong. It's just a basic rule at our place. However, you did get your closet cleaned out and it looks great!

  3. Well the good news is you will know exactly what your first project will be on the new machine :) That two weeks will fly by.

  4. At least you will know where all your stuff is. "The Italian" likes to straighten out the cupboards around here. His stuff is readily available and I can never find the stuff I need! I do all the baking and canning and will find some of my stuff in the basement on the shelves!!

  5. So, so sad about your machine going belly-up. But you knew it wasn't very good to start with. I'm surprised you could keep it going as long as you did. And it's not like you'll be sitting around twiddling your thumbs until you can get your new machine. Wish you were up here already. You could be borrowing my pattern books and planning future projects. Sitting and dreaming through the quilting books always makes me feel energized and happy. Or you could borrow one of my machines and get that quilt finished!!

  6. Mama Pea, I even commented to hubby on what a sweet machine my mom and I could go in together on if we lived in the same town LOL!

    Robin, typical man!

    Jane, yep it's staring me in the face every time I walk down the hallway :)

    Ruth, ya know there's a "law" that is named after my maiden name hint hint, I have always found it to be true!

    Sue, I would actually love an extra couple of months out of the garden, the bonus is that your root crops store up there while we can't really grow them or store them down here, only grow enough to use fresh :(

  7. Sue by "out of the garden" I actually meant "not being in" the garden LOL

  8. I love the new look of your blog!
    It's too bad you don't live closer, you could borrow my sewing machine. I never have time to use it so it collects dust.

  9. Your blog looks great! It's fun changing things up now and then.

    Well, UFOs will be your forever enemy unfortunately, so don't sweat it. I can't wait for you to get your new machine though! Wahooo! Something to look forward to in the boring winter days at least! :)

    You have to consider yourself lucky that he couldn't fix it! Just sayin'

  10. I'm so sorry about the sewing machine!!!!

  11. I think I need for you to teach me some of your organization skills. My pantry is a mess and I can never seem to get a handle on it!

    I think I sowed a lot of my seeds too early last year. I think I'll follow your lead.

  12. How frustrating about your machine! At least now you can *truly* justify buying a new one! Now that I've been doing more sewing I've found features I wish my machine had - unfortunately since mine really works just fine, I can't say I *need* a new machine.

    My big problems with organizing: I've always lived in rented housing and can't make changes to things like cabinets & closets, etc. I'm never sure if I really have too much stuff, or if it's just the lack of appropriate storage facilities.

  13. Bummer about your sewing machine... But at least you know it won't be long before you'll be able to get a new one.
    I can't wait to see all the seeds you ordered and how you get them started.

  14. That stinks about your sowing machine. It must have heard it was being replaced- and said "HA! I'll show YOU!".

    I am behind on my onion seeds, bad.

  15. Erin, I really like your new look! I wish, when having to go to Plan B, I would organize something instead of reaching for the chocolate!