right now

right now

Dec 2, 2010

Running on empty!

I know this has got to be getting old, but all I have to offer yet again is a bunch of random stuff!  I didn't get half of my to-do list done this week because I had Thing 1 out of school sick one day, then Thing 2 out of school the next, meetings for the squadron's family support group, music lessons, laundromat, and a karate class that is a complete waste of hard earned money, I'm kicking myself for taking a break from their swimming for this - at least they love swimming and had an instructor that knew how to deal with kids.  I got as far as scoring an appointment for a haircut (half the battle), and ordered the tires for the car (they will hopefully be in tomorrow or Saturday at the latest).  

I do however, have an excuse for being completely scatterbrained... hubby is coming home VERY SOON now!  I have so many things going on, all of them kind of small and not stressful, but being that I'm the only one checking things off the list, combined they are overwhelming me.

But here we go:

this week I got ONE sock done :)

Finn consented to be my model for my first hat on circular needles!  I still don't like them, but at least I've done it, the worst part is over.  This was supposed to be a "Rasta Hat" but it was looking a little long in the back for a gal my age so I started decreasing pronto and was left with a kind of Rasta Beret if you get my drift LOL...

Did a quick little carseat type blankie for my niece in Minnesota

This was what she looked like this time last year, and I can't wait to see how much she has grown!  A proper uniform for a Minnesota girl if I ever saw one!
(I couldn't get this one the right size in blogger to be in focus!)

Tonight battling traffic - this trip to music lessons normally takes me 10 minutes, it took 45 today.  It seems that when they trim the buildings in lights everyone must slam on the brakes and gawk...

This is one freaky stuffed sheep, everywhere I turn, there it is - kind of like the Mona Lisa's eyes...

A tomato in December?  You bet.  This was found attached to a vine on the ground that had escaped the big cleanup, it had 2 attached to it so I brought them in the house and this one actually ripened!  Pretty sure the taste isn't stellar though.

Be still my heart...

Now it's back to knitting tonight.  My friend L is as obsessed as I am, she usually calls me about 10 pm needing a break from it, last night she was ranting about her fingers, she has bandaids all over from cuts and callouses!  We are both a little "obsessive" and tend to get violent with the crafts when things don't go our way:) !!  She also has a sewing machine that she walks wide circles around avoiding it :)...there should be a 12 step program for us!

I don't expect I will even look at my seed catalogs until after the New Year, so thanks for bearing with my randomness!  This week I am really trying to eat like a rabbit since the winter temps are here to stay now and my lettuce and spinach is not long for this world!

This is kind of long and boring, but I wanted hubby to see his dogs doing their regular thing...


  1. Noooow I know why you are trying so hard to get those socks done! You are going to greet him at the door nekked save some wool cabled sockies...right?? You go girl!

    Very excited for you that he will be home soon!!

    Can I just say I cracked up that you called your boys Thing 1 and Thing 2! Love it!

    And the hat is adorable...you did a great job and don't let those needles intimidate you!

  2. Erin, one of my designers sent me this today and it instantly made think of you! http://ryansouthwellfilms.com/?p=160

    PS I think apple pie gal has a good idea there, lol (and if you don't get the other sock done, just one sock and the hat could work too)!

  3. I bet you are excited about getting your hubby back home. At least you finished your hat. Mine is still languishing in it's paper bag waiting for me to start decreasing stitches. It's my "sewing machine."

    I will finish that dang hat tomorrow night and post a picture, I promise.

    Watching you dogs makes me want a dog too but my two cats might object. Maybe when we move and have more room we'll get a dog, I miss having one around.

  4. Your posts are NOT boring but very interesting! You silly girl. Just keep posting what you think is nothing, 'cause it keeps us all up to date with what's going on with you guys.

    Right before you said in the video that the dogs (or one of them anyway) sounded like cows, I was thinking the very same thing! I love that you've given them a sheep to "herd." Wonder what they would do with about six spread around the floor??

    What a roller coaster of emotions you military families go through! A spouse leaving on deployment, then the period of managing when they are gone, and then the emotions of getting ready for them to come home. Kudos to you all.

    P.S. GOOD job on the hat (love those circular needles!) and bee-yew-tiful sock!

  5. Ah, Erin, you are a knitting FOOL!
    Are you knitting something nice to greet hubby in?????
    Well, don't drive yourself crazy---RELAX and enjoy all that the coming days are going to bring.
    PS-I'll give you $5 for that homegrown tomato!!!

  6. I like the "random" posts. I think all of mine are the same! Love the hat, still can't believe how you knit like a pro after having picked up knitting needles only HOW many weeks ago??

    Love watching the doggies, too. Makes me feel guilty for how much Maisy & Tucker have been dumped on my folks these last few days and/or spent patient time waiting for me in the truck. Must try to make it up to them soon.

  7. Random is good - especially YOUR random posts! Isn't that Finn a cutie? The hat is great and the sock, well, the sock is completely awesome. I'm surprised you have time to knit! I'm so happy for you that your hubby will be back soon. Just in time for the holidays and then an exciting trip north! Keep us posted...

  8. My dear, you never have a boring post. They always being a smile to the face. Wow, how exciting hubby will be home soon. I hope you have plans for the kids so the two of you can get away. Mom deserves some one on one with hubby! (Forgive the pun) (blush)

  9. Finn is such a great hat model! Adorable. You are such a fast knitter! What a find on the heart tomato!