right now

right now

Nov 2, 2010


Yeah, I couldn't think of a creative title today - it's a little of this, a little of that! First, a couple of photos from last night...

I liked this one because it could have been taken in another era! That's Finn streaking through the yard.

Below, the kids trick or treated yet another year with their bags made by yours truly! I thought as they get older they would whine for the huge bags with cartoon characters, etc the other kids have, but they surprised me!

I felt a little lazy today because I had a 20 minute nap with the dogs and also finished a sock, but BEFORE I did that, I managed to get quite a bit accomplished in the morning. Beautiful weather for yard work, high was only 53ยบ today and sunny, I was able to wear my favorite outfit of jeans and a quilted flannel! I mowed the lawn for the last time this year (have I mentioned how nice pooper scooping is with frozen poop in the morning? It's the little things that I'm most thankful for LOL). I also got all the Halloween decorations out of the yard, all packed up and back into the attic. When it's over, it's over around here! I must admit I looked longingly at the Christmas decorations while I was up in the attic, but left them alone. I just want to keep moving on to the next holiday because it makes it seem closer to hubby's homecoming. I wasn't going to do any Christmas decorations this year since we will be driving to Minnesota, but who am I kidding? I am a total sucker when it comes to that stuff! Ask hubby, he thinks I'm nuts with my tradition of decorating the tree right after Thanksgiving dinner. He groans about hanging lights so many years it's me on the ladder stringing lights on the house!

Here's a few photos from the garden today:

Above, the "dwarf" (LOL) burning bush behind the garden is really on fire right now!

Below, starting to see broccoli!

Pak Choy, random lettuces

I never really gave marigolds much thought before as fall color, but these I started from seed last spring are just going gangbusters when the mums are starting to get scraggly

I was surprised by these raspberries while mowing the lawn! I know there was probably more if I had been actively checking, but Sprocket eats them - these were up higher than her head!

A few days ago Mama Pea asked her readers to post photos of their kitchens at night, kind of a "what a passer-by might see" kind of photo. I struggled with this one since from ground level you can't really see much (we are on a crawlspace foundation), and from our narrow porch you are smack dab IN the window pretty much. Combine that with a long narrow galley kitchen plantation shutters and this is really all you get!

Below was taken standing on a chair outside my kitchen sink window LOL

I'm thinking now a better shot would be from my living room side window, but since there is no porch over there, I would need a tall ladder and I'm not digging that out of the shed LOL! Go ahead and post yours so we can all be peeping toms! I've seen some really great photos of some of yours already, would love to see more!

The kids are off school tomorrow, election day? Seems silly, but the school is probably a poll location now that I'm thinking about it. Nice, because we get to have dinner at a normal hour tonight instead of super early like usual. We are having a nice hearty winter dinner to match our weather, venison meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy & green beans! Basic, but good!

Looking forward to more of the above this evening after the kiddies are in bed!

In case you are wondering, that's a DOG napping at my foot - Sprocket is kind of an odd specimen LOL


  1. Sounds like a great day! We're off tomorrow, too, and the entire senior class thought they'd just take today off as well. I had four, six and seven kids in my first through third period senior classes. This would have been the day to furlough us!

  2. Erin, your garden looks great, so neat and tidy. Looks like you have been busy at work. My Pac Choy looks just like yours. I put some in our chicken and noddles tonight and it was pretty tasty.

    Love the kitchen pics. Your kitchen always takes me to the Ikea showroom. :)

    My kitchen can not be seen from a window looking in. It is toward the back of the house on the second level (I hate split level houses). I do have a window at the kitchen sink, no one can really see in. Perhaps they can just see my head from the back yard. That's not fun nor intriguing in the least.

    Hope you enjoyed your knitting/nap. I'm supposed to be studying Spanish, but reading blogs is certainly more entertaining.

  3. I like your kitchen pictures, and that broc looks delicious!! Can't see in my kitchen window from the ground, or the street since we added off that side of the house....not much to see anyway as the window looks *through* the kitchen into the main living space. Anyway, I have always loved the look of kitchen so it was fun to see it from the outside looking in!

  4. That's funny, I put up our Halloween stuff yesterday (like you, when it's over, it's over) and really debated whether I should already bring the Christmas decorations down from the attic. You know safe me the trip the day after Thanksgiving...
    Wish I could put up some pictures of our kitchen, but our kitchen is sort of in the middle of the house and can't be seen from the street.
    Oh, I like picking up frozen landmines a lot better, too. ;-)

  5. Ribbit, that's funny, "senior skip days" are getting a little lax with the dates LOL?

    Thanks, Lorie! I'll have to try that in soup or stir fry, sounds good - so far I've just been mixing it in my salad since I didn't want to take too much while it was still so small. Now that the cool weather is here to stay it seems to be growing much faster!

    Kelly, thanks - did you see the white dust on the broccoli? Yes, I'm bad this year but I would actually like to have some worm free broccoli this year LOL! Last year they were terrible! Although I won't eat that sprout, I did it because the leaves were getting so chewed I was afraid the plant would die! I won't use it again now that they are all starting to bud.

  6. Aw man...those greens look perfect! Oh, and the raspberries make me quite envious, because I can't get them to grow around here.

  7. Loved your old timey photo and loved that kitchen picture, too. I posted mine, too. *HERE*

  8. How did I miss this one? Sorry...go ahead and get the decorations out! What the heck!?

    Can't believe you still have a garden to speak of! Ours is completely down now. I admire those with longer seasons. But then again that's a longer weed season too!

    Your dogs are like mine! Someone is always on top of me! Kitchen 'Peep' looks great!!

  9. I love that you make homemade trick or treat bags! What an awesome idea! You are so crafty! I decided next year I need to go gangbusters on Halloween decorations next year. I had hardly any, a few pumpkins that's it. And you know, many of the kids skipped our house!! Then my niece told me, you have to put up decorations! That's what the kids look for! Next year!!

  10. I really like the black and white picture. Finn looks like the bionic woman running really fast. hahaha..

    Election day? I don't remember having off on this day growing up.

  11. Your garden looks FANTASTIC . . . so new and spring-like. If I weren't so tired (no more gardening this season, please), I'd envy your climate!

    Those pictures you took from the outside looking in had such a unique look to them. I actually felt like I was right there peeping in! The one with the full jack-o-lantern face is special.

    Awwww, Sprocket looks like she just needed some individual mom time. Awwww . . .