right now

right now

Oct 4, 2010

Drowning in Mud!

So it's STILL RAINING HERE! This brings our 7 day total to around 12-13 inches I think, 8 of which fell on one day setting a record. It's very cool here, in the upper 50's and lower 60's, which is a welcome change, but I sure wish the sun would come out, we haven't seen it since September 26th!

I am on the mend now thankfully, I have some leftover tiredness but anything else can just be attributed to the weather at this point! Here's some photos of the garden of destruction this week:

This is what happens when you call in sick to the garden for a week:

I think I need a "DO-OVER"!

The peas are actually enjoying the cool, wet weather and have finally sprouted

The "clump of dirt" I brought home and planted last fall - Maximillian Sunflowers! They were about 12 feet tall and covered with buds and the intense wind and rain knocked them flat and uprooted them - they were due to bloom in a week or so. I'll tie them up and stomp the dirt clump down and hope to see some flowers, if not we'll wait til next year again!

Below: Loch has been keeping busy with building balsa wood models while I've been sick. He asked for help but I have no patience for that stuff, especially with a headache and flu, and eventually he figured it out on his own. This thing had about 500 pieces! The past week he built a skeleton, airplane, and this ship, I'm pretty impressed - he gets this skill from daddy, definitely not me - I'd be the one lining them all up according to size, but never actually putting it together LOL
Here's one for you: I was out mowing the lawn during the 2 hours of slack in the drizzle on Saturday and the mail-woman came with a box. She went to the front door, talked to the kids and gave them a slip for an "undeliverable" box, "signature needed".... I WAS IN THE FRONT YARD!! Apparently she's too lazy to wave me to cut the mower, so now I have to drive to the post office and stand in line to pick up a box. Guess who's NOT getting a Christmas present in the mailbox this season? LOL....

I seem to be into the winter blog mode already, so rather than feel guilty, I'll just announce that I am backing off to less-than-daily posts, I need to concentrate on some fall chores like closet cleaning, knitting, desk cleaning, etc... all things I look forward to doing all summer and the time has come for me to get busy on my chore list that has been accumulating all summer!


  1. Too bad that rain didn't come earlier and float away some of those Jalapenos. 24 Pounds???
    Cripes. I had about 2 pounds, which was 1 pound too many!
    Glad you're feeling better.
    I'm sending you sunshine-we've got oodles this week. I need a rainy day to get some INSIDE work done!

  2. Go get some rest! That boy did a great job on the model. My boy loves legos. I bet he'd get a kick out of a real model like that.

  3. What? Winter blogging?? I think you should start sewing!

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Loch's model is great - That's right up Tanner's alley, too. Give that postal worker some jalepenos for Christmas!

  5. Erin, glad you are feeling better. That's a good one, and takes the cake. What was she thinking?
    Hope you get some of those chores done, I'm busy doing the same. Guess we mama bears are in the soon to hibernate mode.

  6. Sue, if I had been feeling better during the past 7 days of rain I would have gotten SO much done inside!

    Ribbit, best part is these models are available at Michael's for $1.99- $5.99!

    ApplePieGal, I do blog all winter, but my focus shifts to other things, at the moment I can't think of what those things are LOL! Maybe knitting and random household projects with occasional photos of garlic growing?

    Melissa, she might get a wad-o'sod in the mail box!

    Lorie, I am really looking forward to fall and winter things like being able to curl up under a blanket and knit or read without having to wipe up tomato sauce until midnight!

  7. Glad you're feeling better. Our mail guy has even allowed the boys to sign for packages, I don't know what your lady's problem was. I kind of like the jalapeno idea for the mail lady. I had a taste of "Fuzzy Inferno Jam" It was a peach/habanero mix. Sweet with HEAT!! Definitely NOT what you expect from peach jam. It could be sweet revenge.

  8. I know how you feel about the rain, but you've had a lot more than us. We just keep getting parts of that rain, but we managed to have a fantastic weekend. Today, the rain started back up and we'll have it until Wednesday night. Such a bummer.

  9. Well, it isn't a hurricane but the rain is sure doing enough damage anyway. Geesh, if it ain't one thing, it's another!

    Loch's model building is pretty amazing for a boy his age. Wonder what he will grow up to do as a vocation?

    Our mail box is out on the highway, a quarter mile walk down our driveway. If the carrier has something that won't fit in the box or if he needs a signature, he's REQUIRED to drive in to the house. Now that's a good deal, I figure.

    Keep taking care of yourself. Don't push now that you're feeling a little spunky again.

  10. That's very impressive! I can't wait to build some models with Jonathan when he gets older.

    I'm totally in fall blogging mode as well. Most of my posts are getting shorter and shorter. hahaha...Sometimes I wish that I could just blink the garden chores away.

  11. I just cannot imagine that much rain all at once. In my little corner of the world, we get an average of 8" of precipitation a year! And that includes snowfall in the winter!

    I'm glad you are feeling better, and mail lady...bah, humbug!

    Is it winter yet?

  12. Will miss your daily entertaining posts! Loch has some impressive skills. I could never build a model anything I'm so not constructive. That mail lady sounds like a #$@#!

  13. That is a common occurance with my mail.... mail gets delivered to the wrong house constantly, packages get dropped off at the wrong house, I am home and get the slip in the box which annoys me beyond belief. People don't give a rat's a$$ about anything anymore I guess, including their postal service.

    Glad to hear you feeling better!!!

  14. Sorry about the mail. I have great postal workers--- one always has dog biscuits for all the neighborhood dogs, and the one from Barbados likes to ask about gardening.

    Glad you are feeling better, but don't overdo!