right now

right now

Jul 17, 2010

It wasn't supposed to be this way!

Yes, I'm talking about "my" weekend! I should have known better than to think that I could go see a movie, or any of the other things I had planned for myself! Here's how Friday went:

Kids were sooooo excited to go to camp, and I was too. Got them all packed, even left a half hour early so compensate for any Friday afternoon traffic! Didn't go as planned. We got stuck in traffic immediately on the on-ramp by an accident and it just spiraled downward from there. Our metro area is basically an island, you have to take a tunnel or bridge to get anywhere so you can imagine the bottlenecks that can happen even on a good day. Today traffic was completely stopped and we spent an hour inside the tunnel in 100 degree heat with all the traffic fumes in the tunnel. I am used to tunnels, but normally we speed through at about 45-55 mph, but let me tell you, being stuck in one is kind of creepy. It's underwater in the Chesapeake Bay and there was an oil tanker above us so I kept thinking about that, LOL! So anyways, we left at 3 pm and check-in for camp was between 5-6 pm. We got there at 6:18 pm!! That's almost 3 1/2 hours in the car to go about 95 miles! As soon as we pulled in, 2 college girls flagged us down and said "are you Loch & Finn?, we're glad you made it, we heard about the traffic!". It's amazing how short a distance away it can be to find small-town friendliness again. They took us to the kids' cabin, and although the other kids had already headed to the dining hall, one of their counselors was sitting on one of the bunks waiting for them! Typical, cute Virginia Tech student (remember being in summer camp, girls?!) doing his summer employment - someone should tell him to soak it up, 'cause the real world will start soon LOL! I pretty much dropped them and left, no time for the kids to show me around, they can do that when I pick them up. Loch has been before, but this is Finn's first time and I was a little worried about him since he is not as independent as Loch, but as I drove away he yelled "Bye Mommy! Luv you! See ya later!"... I guess he's okay!

Finally arriving at camp!

View outside the kids' cabin

Finn & Loch (in orange) walking with their counselor off to the dining hall

So I didn't get back home until 8:15 pm! By the time I fed the dogs and got settled, it was clearly too late to go see 'Eclipse' like I wanted to, so I settled for reading a book and watching a survival show on Discovery.... hmmmm, that's the same thing I would do if the kids were still here.

Today I got caught with another big harvest, and I hardly even touched the jalapeno bed, those are needing my attention, too. I am headed to a BBQ tonight (across another tunnel!) for my gardening & homesteading meetup group, so the rest of the day today was spent harvesting, making food, and driving again LOL!

Today's harvest was used for the potluck dish for the BBQ. It has a theme: "Catch It, Kill It, Grow It, Brew It"! Since I had so many tomatoes I am going to make Caprese Salad along with some Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread and bring along some of the Homebrew.

Caprese Salad with a Basil Vinegarette Dressing

Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

Yikes, I made a lot!

This is the basil vinegarette

... and now it's time to leave again and go to the BBQ, it should be fun, plenty of new people to meet and good food to try, I just hope the traffic is okay. Unfortunately, this is a huge tourist area and while we are all trying to flee the area, crazy people mostly with Jersey plates thinking only of the beach are headed in to back up the freeways!

Hopefully, I will be back early enough tonight to finish my book! Then it's up early again to go pick up the kids tomorrow morning. They have a skit that they do and I want to make sure I'm there in time to see it! I know this camp is short, but I am just glad there is a sleepaway camp for such young kids, it's good for them! In a few years they will be old enough for a whole week, yay!

I have the feeling maybe I heaped my plate too full in the garden this year, it seems that I just can't find the time to "do nothing"!


  1. Your "weekend" was not really a weekend with all the driving to and from camp! Sorry it's not turning out as you had hoped. Where DOES time go these days?

    I'm feeling much the same as you regarding the garden right now. If I'm not out there keeping things under control, I'm harvesting and then trying to find time to do the processing. I keep thinking there's got to be a better way to do this . . . but I don't know what it is. :o( (Snap out of it, Mama Pea, and be grateful for the bountiful harvest!)

  2. It's the driving that does it. On the days I don't leave the house, I get a lot more done. Good for your kids -- mine are pretty anti-camp!

  3. Erin-
    You are amazing! Your food looks delish!! Hope your trip back goes (or went) a lot better!

  4. Wow, that is a lot of traffic. Your kids are going to love camp! What an awesome harvest, and yummy looking salad and cornbread.

  5. You need a "real" vacation- away from kids and garden.
    But your food looks extra tasty. It's so colorful. I hope you had a good time with adult company. Have a safe and timely drive tomorrow.

  6. Time for camp in AZ!! Whenever you're
    ready we'll take then for a week and
    show them AZ!! I can't wait!! Spring break

  7. My eyeballs went straight for the white balsamic vinegar! I didn't know there was such a thing! I'll certainly have to look for it, because our favorite salad dressing looks just like fish fertilizer when I make it with regular balsamic. That kinda tends to make it not so appetizing ;-)

  8. That harvest looks fabulous! I bet that jalapeno cheddar cornbread is really good!!!

  9. ((hugs)) Sorry about your weekend girlfriend!

  10. Well, the party I went to was really fun! It rained on the way there but stopped in time for the BBQ, so I did get a little "me time" after all...about 3 hours LOL

  11. Busy busy! Hope you get to kick your feet up a bit. Your recipes look wonderful!

  12. Gran, I forgot to answer your comment! I had the same thought as soon as I saw that white balsamic vinegar! I got it at Trader Joe's, which you might not have there, we finally got one just last year. If you come across it, it's wonderful! My basil vinegar would have been purply-green-black without it LOL!

  13. Unfortunately, no Trader Joe's anywhere near me. We'll just have to keep eating fish fertilizer on our salads ;-)