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right now

Apr 7, 2010

Got Pollen?

We do! And we are starting to think about wearing masks out in the garden, it's miserable out there! When the wind blows it looks like a yellow dust storm. My husband's allergies are terrible and our neurotic dog wants to jump the fence every time he sneezes! Luckily, mine aren't as bad, just itchy eyes and a general tired feeling in the afternoon. The car today is actually worse than this picture - solid yellow!

Despite the pollen, we were outside all day yesterday and today working in the garden. I bit the bullet and planted my Edamame, Bush and Pole Beans, Baby Sugar Bush Watermelon seeds, Dill and Cilanatro seeds. My peas haven't even grabbed onto their trellises yet and were screaming "what happened to Spring?" the whole time I was out there - it was 91 degrees yesterday and looks to be the same today. The carrots are peeking up finally from their kleenex seedmats. Today I transplanted the Jalapeno, Bell, and Stuffing Peppers, and transplanted most of my tomato seedlings into containers. I am doing all of my tomatoes in containers this year, so now we have "Tomato Alley" along the fenceline. There is simply no more room in my raised beds for tomatoes. I still have a few but I will have to wait until we modify some more buckets and I can get some more soil mix made for them. Pictures of the garden to come soon!

Thomas, I see your cute Jonathan and raise you one Finnegan, LOL... someday our little guys are going to be very talented gardeners!:

Finn holding his Foodie Bouquet of Leeks (the last of the leeks!)

The blogosphere is quiet today, you all must be outside gardening... here's hoping you are finding all the room you need to put plants, LOL! I think we are going to quit early today and take the kids for ice cream and buy a gallon of eyewash and a pallet of Benadryl...


  1. Pass the eyewash and benadryl, please! Our pollen count so far today is at 5733. 120 is considered extremely high! Oh, how I wish I could just curl up in bed with a box of benadryl and not leave until spring is over. I hate the green cars, the green streets, the green ATM machines, the green air! Suddenly I understand the allure of the arrid desert. Did I mention I have terrible allergies?

    I agree - slow going on the blogs today. Come on people - provide me with more entertainment to keep me indoors!! :-D

    Your Finn sure is a cutie - and the leeks aren't half bad either!

  2. Holy Pollen! We don't have anything like that here. I mean allergy sufferers will complain that they can tell when pollen is falling from the birch trees but rarely can we SEE anything. I guess each locale in the nation has its pros and cons.

    Our peas up here always go through what yours are doing this year, Erin. They want to grow in cool weather but we can't plant them early enough 'cause it's always TOO cold and damp and the seeds rot. So when we can finally plant them, it's summer when they come up!

    Umm,why was it that we choose to garden?

  3. Lol, you crack me up. I have been out too- but it is *only* 85 here. :) Too hot for many of the cold lovers in my garden, that much I know.

  4. Oh, you poor things. My husband would be curled up on the couch weeping by now.

    It does feel as though spring lasted about a week.

  5. Monday I wrote on our car like that and now you can't see where that was because of all of the additional pollen that's fallen. The kids and I were outside all day today and our pants and shoes are completely yellow. That stuff is fierce!

  6. Oh my gosh, he is so adorable!!!! Look at that smile. How can you stop from biting those cheeks. That's quite a bouquet of leeks.

    Not looking forward to the pollen...I imagine it's just around the corner here.

  7. I've seen pollen like that- just not yet this year. Fortunately for the allergy sufferers (but not for gardeners) it has been raining to wash some of it out of the sky.

  8. Elizabeth is miserable with all this pollen! Nasty stuff for sure.

  9. what a sweetie your little guy is, sorry to hear about your allergies - found a link in the news about pollen today


  10. We've had the pollen here, too, but not as much heat. Our highest high has been closer to 81, but it does seem as though we just skipped right through spring!

    I won't be planting summer things out in the yard until next weekend. Looking forward to it, though!