right now

right now

Sep 7, 2009

A lazy blog of garden pictures!

A whole lot of nothing going on this weekend! Kind of nice, actually! My tomato beds were ripped out the other day, but I am putting fall planting on hold for a week or two since my brother and family are coming soon and husband is leaving again later this week. It's raining today so we are spending the day teaching the kids to tie their own shoes (nothing like waiting until the day before school starts) with occasional breaks for a movie or snacking...very relaxing! I did get some awesome news - my best friend said she would watch the little one so I don't have to drop out of Master Gardener classes. Yay! Thanks L...you are a lifesaver!

I walked around the yard yesterday and just snapped some random photos of what's going on in the little suburban homestead. Enjoy!

The Little Pond
Fish in Pond (still alive after 3 years!)
New residents in the pond (there's 2, but only 1 shown)
Jalapenos still kicking, every branchlet has this many on it!
Birdhouse Gourds
Go ahead and have container envy now... my neighbor was cleaning his yard and gave me this piece of drainage plastic pipe. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but the possibilites are endless!
Burning Bush starting it's fall "burn" colors
Rose of Sharon with happy bee
Rose of Sharon
Beans, Cosmos, and Colonnade Apple Tree at 1 year old, should produce apples next year!
Thai Eggplant still going strong
Peppers are just now starting to grow like they should...in Sep???!!!
Cosmos...planted too close to rich compost piles and shade so they are mostly leafy without flowers!
Yay! A blank slate...waiting for fall plantings, I can't believe I was able to rip out the tomatoes without disturbing the Celosia (red flowers) that were interspersed in the bed.
Finn & friend relaxing by campfire the other night...so excited it was cool enough for a fire!
Celosia... my first time starting annuals from seed. These are stunners and they are all about 4-5 feet high!

Time now to go get the kiddo's backpack ready for tomorrow, hooray for school being back in session!


  1. You have such a beautiful yard, Erin. I know the work required to keep it looking that way. Even your "blank slates" are so neat and tidy.

    I just came in from garden cleaning a few minutes ago. But no chance for fall planting for us up here. We're already thinking about compost mixtures to spread on the gardens for the winter.

    Thanks for the tour. Your Celosia is GORGEOUS!

  2. Thanks for the pics -- your place looks lovely! I love Rose of Sharon bushes. I don't know if they'd survive in western MN, tho. And I love your fish ponds. Again, maybe not the best choice for our yard -- they'd probably freeze solid here!

  3. Your apple is getting big! What will you be planting next?

  4. Such a beautiful place you've made Erin!
    I hope your boys have a wonderful first day of school tomorrow.

  5. Your garden is beautiful, Erin. I love the pond, the fish, the frog...but most of all the kids around the campfire. They look so happy and cozy!

    Those must be Purple Beauty peppers. Mine were the last to blossom, and the last to fruit. They are just now beginning to get some size to them.

  6. pepper plants will grow in the house, great pictures it is like all your plants are on steroids compared to mine, i still have no tomatoes, hope you enjoyed the quiet of the day, peace for all

  7. Your yard is gorgeous! and LOL on the "container envy" - you're right - I totally have it. Our garden got so out of control that the hubby mowed it all down today and now it looks like the rest of the lawn. Now that's sad!

    Hope the boys are liking school!!!

  8. OMG-how did I miss this post?????
    Beautiful pictures, Erin. I love your frog, lucky you to have one take up residence! My birdhouse gourds got frosted before we left, they were so tiny. Ah, next year!