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right now

Sep 20, 2009

Back from the Beach!

We got back from Ocracoke Island yesterday. It was so fun to see family even if only for a short time, so glad we did it! Luckily, my husband was able to work things out at the squadron so he could join us. They came all the way from Minnesota, so we are very lucky they choose to vacation at a place so near to us! We were so busy catching up that I didn't get as many good photos as I should have, but here are a few:

leaving the mainland behind Thursday evening

this time of year is awesome for having plenty of space on the beach!

I call this one the "BadAss Brothers-In-Law"... this is Sailor/Farmer/Husband on the right, my brother on the left. Hubby doesn't have any brothers so I think he really enjoys time spent with mine. Unfortunately, my other brother wasn't able to be there, but that is because he was making his way home last weekend from Afghanistan...welcome home!

My brother with his 6 month old daughter, my lovely niece - yay! finally a little girl in the family!

this was taken from one of the decks on the house, it is amazing to notice that even the salt marsh takes on subtle fall colors!

Dinner at their beach house, my brother, his wife and her parents, my kids & husband and little niece...I never seem to be in the photo, lol!

Dinner: shrimp, flounder, Red Drum, Bluefish & Yellowfin Tuna...
yummy good times!

This was taken yesterday after the 5 hour drive back home... my kid didn't even make it long enough to get into the bath and get to bed, lol!
Tired kids are a wonderful thing...

We spent today relaxing, walking around and planning the fall garden (late, I know!) and catching up on blogs and laundry. Tomorrow I will get back into the garden in earnest and start planting and get to those jalapenos. You all were right, they seem just fine after a weekend in the fridge! Next post will be homestead-related for sure...


  1. What a doll!!!! I love sleeping kids...Mine's going to bed now. It's good to see they've had a good long day.

  2. Love the picture of your son. It's a keeper for sure. (Don't you wish you could feel that free of responsibility that you could just conk out like that?)

  3. Your son looks like he grew, not looking like a little boy at all in that picture, and your neice has a contagious little smile!

    Happy to hear your brother is back and that you had a nice trip!