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right now

Aug 10, 2009

Hot & Steamy Weekend

I got a bit accomplished this weekend, although it was so hot outside that for the most part the kids & I stayed indoors and just read books or watched movies! Friday morning we went to go pick blueberries at a local farm. All of them went straight into the freezer Friday afternoon since I didn't have any energy to do much with them afterwards! I am contemplating whipping up some smoothies this evening for the kids after dinner, since now we have a good selection of frozen fruit in the freezer now!


Here are the blueberry-pickin kids...shortly before we left all sweaty and covered in mosquito bites!

If you are in need of a really good muffin recipie, try this one out for 'To Die For Blueberry Muffins'...it's my favorite and has a yummy crumb topping!

Not much in the way of harvest this weekend, thankfully, since I wanted to plant my two beds that were cleared of squash/cuke vines and strawberries. Into one bed I planted a second crop of Edamame. One bed is clearly not enough to both snack on every evening and have enough to freeze, so I am hoping the second crop will keep me in finger foods all winter. Into the other bed went a hodge-podge planting of some carrots, heirloom radishes, HeatWave Lettuces (we'll see how much heat they can stand, lol!), and a couple of pole beans. It was actually a relief to do something that didn't involve tomatoes for a change! Our heat indexes have been in the 100's daily and look to continue that way for at least the next week, so it has been hard to get motivated. I found that waking up early and going out and going out again after dinner is the only way, although to do this requires massive amounts of mosquito repellent! Saturday evening was nice, a few friends (all military spouses with absentee husbands!) came over for a few drinks. It's always nice to be able to complain out loud and be in the company of others who understand! Other than that, not much is going on here that is blog-worthy! I just looked at my temp gauge stuck at 113 in the shade...I'm going back to my stack of books! Before I go, here is a pic of my dinner the other night after digging potatoes. Not exactly well-balanced, but yummy nonetheless! I threw some tomato wedges on the plate so my plate wouldn't look so starch-laden! What can I say? - I'm an Irish girl, a plate of nothing but potatoes suits me fine!

Rose Finn Fingerling potatoes with fresh parsley, salt & pepper, butter with Brandywine wedges sprinkled with Kosher salt....yum, think I will have this again tonight!


  1. Yum it is, my friend!!! Good eats!

  2. Here we're getting panicky about the temps in the 80s forecast for us for the rest of this week! What wimps we are compared to what you have to put up with.

    Our blueberry bushes have very few berries on them this year . . . but last year was good. Anyway, we're negotiating with an acquaintance 100+ miles south of us that has an abundant crop this year. Hope to put some in our freezer.

    Your new taters look yummy! And I think new potatoes have less starch/sugar in them than when they've been stored for a while. So go ahead and enjoy them now!

  3. Those fingerlings look tasty alright! Glad you all made it blueberry picking and had a girls night.