right now

right now

Jul 21, 2009

Summer Camp

We picked up Lochlann from summer camp! He had a great time, as we knew he would! I promised him I would put the pictures up "TODAY, MOM!"...so here they are. None of it garden-related, by the way...but all our family lives at least 1000 miles from us, so the blog is the easiest way to communicate our events! Some of the pics Loch took while he was there, and the end-of-camp ceremony pics I took. Enjoy!

Loch's Bunkmate
Loch showing us one of the Animal Science class animals
This boy turned out to be Loch's first "camp-best-friend", and the little boy was teary eyed saying goodbye when I took this. All us parents were a little choked up by it too!
View outside the bunkhouse
Last Day Ceremonies
The lake
Counselors performing skits
The Council Ring/Campfire Area
Loch with the canoes
Entire 5-8 year old camp with their counselors
Yay! My kid is the only one not holding his certificate in front of his face, LOL!
Go 4-H Cloverbuds!! Can't wait until next year when both my kids can go!


  1. So cute! I want to go to camp...

  2. Me too! You know there are summer camps for grownups where we can be treated just like the kiddos...but unfortunately I think it's like 900 bucks a week, LOL!

  3. Wow, that would be kind of fun! But for $900/wk there are things I'd rather do I think....